The Moody Foundation Conversation Presents the 2016 Presidential Leadership Scholars Graduation, featuring a discussion with the Right Honourable Tony Blair, President George W. Bush and President Bill Clinton.


Brent Taylor

Class of 2016

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In 2013, Brent Taylor wrote and published Founding Leadership: Lessons on Business and Personal Leadership From the Men Who Brought You the American Revolution, an educational book that contains pivotal leadership lessons through the lens of several Founding Fathers of the U.S.  Brent currently teaches the book in collegiate American history classes and has granted approval for the book to be used in Ph.D. seminars, as well as leadership development training programs for corporate clients.  Building on the success of the book, Brent plans to adapt the curriculum to educate inner-city children on leadership and basic life principles.

In addition to writing the new book, Brent will offer a 6-week after-school program to plant seeds of leadership in the lives of these children as well as teach more about American history. He will also provide unique forms of training for parents, so that the lessons can be reinforced in the household after the conclusion of the program.