Chris Palombo

Class of 2018

Health Care

Chris Palombo is working to transform the health care system by getting industries to work together to expand health care access and reduce disparities across the country. Palombo serves at the Dispensary of Hope, a licensed pharmaceutical distributor, that transforms the medication supply chain by connecting pharmaceutical surplus with the organizations that serve the low income and uninsured patients.

Through his personal leadership project, Palombo serves with a gifted team Charity Pharmacy Org, an association that is transforming the charitable medication dispensing space by bringing together leaders in the community and hospital charity pharmacy space for relationship, bench marking, knowledge sharing, and program replication. In 2018, a group of Charity Pharmacy Org volunteers wrote and published a national replication “how to” toolkit, complete with examples and narrative to help communities organize around the model. The work of Charity Pharmacy Org will assist community leaders in opening community charity pharmacies more quickly, at less cost, and with a higher level of effectiveness.

Expertise: Health Care
Project: Health Care
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