“As part of the the Council of Young Physicians, we are worried about the public health being endangered every day due to the “public charge” perception that has been hitting our community. We need to be united in these hard moments to improve health outcomes with commonsense policies that would benefit public health.”

Read more from Class of 2019’s Ricardo Correa Marquez and his fellow physicians via Newswire:

Ricardo Correa Marquez

Class of 2019

Health Care

Ricardo Correa Marquez has focused his career on developing programs that address the evident health care disparities that exist within minority populations, specifically in the Hispanic community.

During PLS, Correa Marquez scaled Vida Sana/Healthy Life, a program he developed that empowers peers and Hispanic community leaders to help those in underserved populations with type 2 diabetes (T2D) and metabolic syndrome (MS) in multiple ways including physical activities, cooking classes, spiritual discussion, and medical counseling. He is now also adding telemedicine in the program. Due to the initial success of the program, he continues to scale the project to Los Angeles, Phoenix, Miami, Chicago, and the Washington, D.C. metro area.

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