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Scholar Spotlight: How Neil Grunberg is educating the next generation of leaders working to make an impact in military-based healthcare delivery

The healthcare industry faces a number of challenges and a high demand for practical change in all facets of medical accessibility, especially for our armed services and their families. Leadership is needed among physicians and health professionals as healthcare management heads towards a focus of team-based care that connects doctors, nurses, patients, families, friends and more.

Neil Grunberg recognizes the first step is to equip the next generation of military-focused healthcare professionals with the developmental tools they need to become leaders in their industry. In 2015, Grunberg decided to hold a summit of representatives from various medical schools and Service Academies who provide leadership education and development programs for their students.

Bringing together medical professionals with the USU LEAD program

In April 2017 the USU LEAD program hosted its inaugural summit with prominent attendance from delegates from ten medical schools, the Service Academies, VA, and Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

This summit brought together industry officials, students, veterans, and many others to discuss the future of healthcare and build a strong network of leaders striving to make an impact. The goals of this summit were to create a network of medical professionals focused on leadership education surrounding military-focused healthcare, as well as to share and identify the best practices for widespread development. USU LEAD program recently convened their second summit, featuring representatives from fifteen medical schools, service academies, senior war colleges, VA and AAMC. The University has recently started planning the third summit set for 2019.

Grunberg is 1 of 240 Presidential Leadership Scholars, all of whom were accepted into the program because of their passion to positively impact lives through their work, and are now applying lessons learned, from others and each other, to increase that impact.

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Neil Grunberg

Class of 2015

Health Care

About His Project

Neil Grunberg is developing the Medical Student Leadership Education and Development Summit to address the need to teach medical students how to lead 21st Century health-care teams, insure patient safety, and contain costs in addition to their medical school education.  The summit will engage representatives from U.S. medical schools to share philosophies, approaches, and techniques of medical school leadership curriculum.

Through participation in the Presidential Leadership Scholars program, planning for the project is underway to achieve the long-term goals of sharing health-care leadership curriculum among U.S. medical schools and establishing national guidelines of leadership education and training for U.S. medical schools.